Respawn Inc banned “configs” and said it is cheating, was that true? Yes, but partially: Config itself does not entail cheating, but Config Chaining does.

Config chaining

Config chaining is a way to process complex/difficult movements through a single key ( usually the mouse scroll ). It functions through the Source Engine’s configuration system, binding multiple commands to a solitary key The syntax is descripted below.

bind_US_standard <key> <command>

You can execute another cfg file by commanding exec <filename>, which is allowed in binding commands.

Take superglide as an example. To trigger a superglide, you have to JUMP and then CROUCH at correct timing.

bind_US_standard "CAPSLOCK" "+jump; exec sg_phase_1.cfg"

# sg_phase_1.cfg
bind_US_standard "mWhellDown" "+jump; fps_max 30; exec sg_phase_2.cfg"

# sg_phase_2.cfg
bind_US_standard "mWhellDown" "+toggle_duck; fps_max 0; exec recover.cfg"

# recover.cfg
bind_US_standard "mWhellDown" "+jump;"

This set of configs do all the things. When you tapped CAPSLOCK, it will change wheel down actions. Scroll to jump & lock fps, scroll again to duck and unlock fps, scroll last to set wheel down to jump. By using this set of configs, you can simply scrolling down and do a superglide.

graph TD
  a([CAPSLOCK Tapped]) -- Execute sg_1.cfg --> c
  c[Bind wheel down to JUMP, lock fps to 30] --> d([Scroll once]) --> e[Jump] -- Execute sg_2.cfg --> f[Bind wheel down to CROUCH, recover fps]
  f --> g([Scroll once]) --> h[Crouch] -- Execute recover.cfg --> i[Bind wheel down to normal jump] --> a

Currently they are malfunctioned. To fix this, you can divide these actions into multiple bindings and invoke them using Logi Macros.

Unaffected Configs

All the exec and configs out gameplay time is allowed, such as static bindings of simple tap-strafe( bind scroll to jump and move foward ) and sneak( a kind of walk config used by auto-sprint players ), because they do not includes dynamic binding modification.

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